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Welcome to TryItMan.com, a site where our goal is to help you find new, less expensive, more efficient, more enjoyable, and just better ways to live everyday.


I enjoy finding alternatives to the norm. Being a Lemming and following the crowd, often to misguided outcomes, is not my idea of fun. Remember when your mom said, “If your friends jump off a bridge (implied: to their demise) are you going to follow?” The answer is, “No mom, I will not follow their foolish decisions no matter how popular”.  It is okay, and often times rewarding to go against the grain and try new ways to do everyday things, which is what I do and why I am the TryItMan.

A great example is mobile (cell) phone service. The majority pay the big mobile phone companies exhorbitant amounts of money and fees for the same service one can get with a much cheaper prepaid service using the same towers.  My current service has unlimited talk, text, and data (with the first 12GB at 4G) and I am paying a third (1/3, 33%) of what most of my family and friends are paying for the same or lesser service.  The funny thing is…when I bring this to their attention they are afraid to change from the status quo costing them $100’s even $1000’s more annually.  There has to be and there is A Better Way and I want to help you find it.


Helping people is in my DNA.  I have worked in healthcare for most of my life, was a firefighter/EMT, and currently work at a cancer hospital.  So helping is what I do and love to do.  This website is a different kind of helping that I have not done before, but finding a better way of doing things for myself has always been something I have enjoyed.  Being able to share what I try and learn with others on such a potentially large scale will bring me a joy that I have not yet experienced.


The goal of this site is to help everyone do a little better.  If what we share on Try It Man helps someone better utilize their personal resources (time, money, energy, focus, etc) and make their life a little bit better, then this site has been successful.  I hope this site grows into a community that shares their secrets and tips to help each other to a better and more fulfilling way of doing everyday things.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to try to help you out.

All the best,


The Try It Man


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